Because it's fun to see how art gets from point A to point B. I'll post doodles and sometimes completed work here, from time to time.

I mainly work in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq.

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Traffic birbs.

Doodle based on a scene I saw a couple of weeks ago.. “Huh, there’s a bird in the red light… and the yellow… and green…”

 Describe your favorite Pokémon in the shittiest manner possible














a green humanoid with arm swords

a pastel cat dog rabbit thing with ribbons on it

Real Chicken

white and blue featherless handbird that lives in the…

Little mole with spikes that turns into a pretty shitty drill

a fat ugly pig

just some swords in a pile

dumb fat piece of shadow bullshit

white n’ blue dinosaur-bird-thing

space tentacle monster that talks with rainbows


cross-dressing ghost with a spikey teeth necklace

(Source: thedeathecchi)

reblogged from bechnokid.
source: thedeathecchi.

This had been sitting on my machine in varying states of completeness for a few months. I’m not really a fan of them, myself, but I thought I’d give some of the weaker, more common fish pokémon (plus poliwag) some art love. :D

Eh, not all selfies have to be glamourous. But at least I have awesome hair.

(This quiche needs to finish baking before I die of lack of dinner.)

RIP Mr. Williams.

I really loved Genie from Aladdin as a kid, so I thought it would be fitting to draw him. It was like a smack to the face to hear that he was gone, and not through natural causes. :( Depression is tough and I’m sad that he wasn’t able to rid himself of it. I hope he’s at peace now.

I reached 100 followers recently! I offered lucky #100 a doodle of their choice. Not familiar with the series, but here is Rena from Star Ocean.

Satisfying my random urge to draw Mega Man fan art. I never owned Mega Man 3, but I remember renting it a lot. Gemini Man’s stage had one of my favourite themes.

Here have a weirdly styled bowser and co.

Just made up the palette here, no use of Super Gameboy palettes..

Messing with Super Gameboy palettes.. Some kinda weird combos and some that worked better than I was expecting.

I may or may not be playing Mario Kart 8. Wario is a long time favourite character of mine in that game, along with Toad and Yoshi.

(I know there are no carts in these pictures and no Birdo in Mario Kart 8, but they were all fun to draw.)

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