Because it's fun to see how art gets from point A to point B. I'll post doodles and sometimes completed work here, from time to time.

I mainly work in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq.

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Satisfying my random urge to draw Mega Man fan art. I never owned Mega Man 3, but I remember renting it a lot. Gemini Man’s stage had one of my favourite themes.

Here have a weirdly styled bowser and co.

Just made up the palette here, no use of Super Gameboy palettes..

Messing with Super Gameboy palettes.. Some kinda weird combos and some that worked better than I was expecting.

I may or may not be playing Mario Kart 8. Wario is a long time favourite character of mine in that game, along with Toad and Yoshi.

(I know there are no carts in these pictures and no Birdo in Mario Kart 8, but they were all fun to draw.)

Anyone else who can’t draw/be creative with an audience (or even just one person in the same room)? How do you handle it?

My parents acquired a blue and gold macaw. :D Thought it would be fun to doodle. Apparently it’s quite friendly, but its claws and beak need to be trimmed before my mom will let it out of its cage, haha.


Some more donation commissions! And this set is for verticil! Geez, I’m really slow with these. ;w; I’m trying to make them as perfect as possible, and I think that’s why I’m so slow. I keep discouraging myself. %D BUT I’LL GET THEM DONE.

I also wanna say that I had so much fun drawing these two. ;w; I LOVE THEIR COLORS. /screams to the heavens

FYI, I am not accepting commissions!

Here are a couple of awesome renditions of my characters by the talented bechnokid! It was well worth the donation.

I.. need to draw my own characters more often. <:D

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I’m a bad person that never got around to finishing this because of a combination of laziness + busy-ness + forgetfulness. But, have what I did finish. <:D


Handy tip if anyone wants to actually be able to search their tumblr likes: Sign up for if this than that. You can create handy “recipes” that link services together, including ones that will copy your tumblr likes to a bookmarking service with tagging abilities.

In my case, I have it set up so that if I like something on Tumblr, then it will add a private bookmark to my Delicious account. This works for non-tumblr-y things as well!

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I was just looking at my tumblr and thinking “huh.. feels like there should be more new stuff than there is.” Probably because I have a million not-quite-good enough doodles lying around (a few that I may post later if I can’t bring myself to actually finish the whole Pokeddex challenge for this month), and a few that I want to actually colour and just haven’t gotten there yet for some reason. Whoops. :D

So, have some weegee doodles. (Plus peach!)

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